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June is for berries

Posted by Sharon

Hot hot hot. I suppose I should be thankful that the floods of spring have ended. The ground did indeed dry out a few weeks ago, enough for me to till up the garden and plant the first of the tomato and pepper seedlings that I’d started indoors.  Brave (stupid?) soul that I am, I planted the seedlings the day before we planned to install the deer fence, hoping the deer wouldn’t notice them for one night. But of course they did, and yes, most of the seedlings were eaten by deer before I awoke the next day. Sigh. This led me to procrastinate and not rush on finishing the deer fence, which I expect to finish this coming weekend. I am hoping to still get some late summer and fall veggies planted, but worst case, I’ll have a nice big garden bed all ready to start early next spring!

In the meantime, I have been blackberry picking every day this week! We have far more raspberries than blackberries here (most of them are wild, not cultivated) and I usually don’t notice the berries ripening until it’s the raspberries turn. But not this year! I have already made a few pints of blackberry sorbet, and my first batch of blackberry jam is cooling as I write this.  The raspberries should start ripening in another couple weeks. I think I might even try to make my own raspberry liquor or wine this year… I’ve always wanted to try that.

The sheep are hot too, not moving around too much. Two of the lambs have been sold, and I have four beautiful wethered lambs still available for sale.  I’ve also decided to sell my two yearling rams. If anyone is interested please email me –

Next up on the fiber-crafting front is homemade felt! I saved some of this year’s raw fleece for felting experiments and I’m going to try to make some old-style hand-rolled sheets of felt out of it as soon as I can block off the time to start the project. I love trying new things, which is much of why I love my job/life – there’s always a new adventure waiting right around the haybale!