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I Love California Reds!

Posted by Sharon

I am embarrassed to say that I forgot to mention in my last post that I was recently elected to the Board of Directors of the California Red Sheep Registry! I adore my Reds and I’m looking forward to becoming more active in the Registry. As a part of my never-ending quest to promote this amazing breed, I knit a little example California Red sheep to use as an education aid.  I knit the majority of it using my undyed California Red yarn, and dyed some of my yarn that lovely cinnamon color (using cutch, a natural dye). And it’s stuffed with California Red roving! So really the only part of my knit Red that wasn’t produced by my Reds is the plastic craftstore eyes. I think she’s lovely and will help me explain and describe Reds to potential customers.  I plan to make a Red lamb or two out of the rest of the dyed yarn as well (at least its on the enormous projects-to-do list).

As for the REAL sheep, they are doing wonderfully. The lambs are weaning, and I have FIVE beautiful wethers weaned and available for sale now. They are gorgeous fiber animals, and from 100% registered California Red stock. However they cannot be registered themselves (the Registry does not allow the registration of wethers). I have STILL not been able to till the garden bed due to floods on top of floods. There’s still hope for getting some vegetables into the ground though, I suspect the rain will lessen from here on through the summer. Dreaming of canning tomato sauce already… I’ve got to stop getting ahead of myself like this. So I will focus my thoughts and attention on the always amazing and checkbook-breaking Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival – at least until Monday!